Who We Are​

COT is an all-in-one eCommerce and social media marketing solutions company. We have provided our professional services for over 6 years and would proudly admit as an industry expert. Our team is a group of insightful marketers, designers and programmers with a goal to drive business growth for our clients. We are your partner through the whole business journey, from web site production, building brand awareness, marketing strategy planning & execution, sales channels expansion, order management, customer services, and etc. to achieve sales growth.​

Our Services​

E-commerce Operation

Appoint our team to provide a professional one-stop eCommerce operation for your brands online store or marketplace store​

Market Analysis And Report​

We perform market analysis and reflect on monthly store performance reports to develop new strategies for sales growth

E-shop Sales Channels Development​

We are familiar with all the operations of eCommerce platforms in China so that we can rapidly expand to more sales channels for our clients to capture more market share ​

Brand Positioning Strategy​

We evaluate and choose the best Chinese eCommerce platform for your brand​

Logistics Solutions​

We can provide an cost-effective logistics solution for your eCommerce business in China ​

Social Media​

We are experienced in word of mouth promotions through popular communication channels like WeChat & Weibo

Visual Design

We can create eye-catching visuals which highlights the brand’s quality and features that greatly helps in customer acquisition and overall sales conversions

Our Strengths

Professional e-operation team: We are familiar with the regulations and system backend control of all major eCommerce platforms and our experience in this industry can provide accurate market positioning for partnering brands

Channel Diversification: We can provide rapid sales channels expansion allowing traffic to be shared among all channels resulting in a mass brand exposure and sales growth for our clients in a short period of time.

Big Data Resouces: With first-hand data from major eCommerce platforms, we can effectively optimize store performances to increase brand awareness among Chinese consumers and sales conversions for our partners

Who We Serve​​

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